Pics from Storrow Drive, Boston, July 4th, 2004:

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Slalom vids from July 4th, 2004 in Boston:

Skateboard slalom run

Josh doing backwards onefoot

A lovely 4-point slide

Josh doing back onefoot again

Brodie doing grapevine

Brodie doing backcross on the left, Josh on the right

Brodie doing backcross

Joshua playing (mixing it up with a few easy forwards tricks)

Steve's classic one-foot run

Josh and Brodie doing a back onefoot/backcross caterpillar (yes, it's ugly)

Josh, Brodie and Michael doing grapevine caterpillar

Michael and Brodie doing grapevine caterpillar, Josh circling

Michael Matonis doing backcross (going about 40% of max speed)

Brodie and Joshua racing backcross uphill from a standstill

Uphill one-foot race, Josh backwards, Brodie forwards

One-foot race, Brodie vs. Josh

Another one-foot race, Brodie vs. Josh

Ryan doing independent (while Amy gets out of the way)

Another one-foot race, Josh vs. Brodie

Joshua doing a freestyle run

Backsnake to backcross

Brodie doing a combo run, video sideways
Sequence for combo run: streetsweeper (9 cones), hip fatigue(4 cones), grapevine right(4 cones), grapevine left(4 cones), slow fall.